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Beautiful. Good audience participation. Well presented.

Audience member. The LicketyTale of Molly Whuppie, December 2013

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About Us

Licketyspit - sparking a drama-led play revolution!

Licketyspit is a specialist early years theatre company based in Scotland, creating innovative and engaging theatre and drama-led work for and with children, their families and communities.

Licketyspit was founded in January 2004 and developed out of the Wee Stories Early Years Project (2001-2003) directed by Virginia Radcliffe. The company has been delivering innovative, high quality theatre and drama-led practice to early years children and their families for over eleven years.

Licketyspit is committed to participatory, socially engaged work that explores the transformative power of arts and culture. This work is rooted in continuous practical artistic research, dialogue and developmental practice with 3-8 year olds. Licketyspit is a national company working from its base at North Edinburgh Arts in Muirhouse Edinburgh, where it has been Theatre Company in Residence since 2012.


DRAMATIKA is the overarching approach for the work of Licketyspit, which connects all strands of our work over the last eleven years. DRAMATIKA aims to facilitate, champion and embed the engagement and participation of children, families and communities through child-centred theatre, stories, songs and drama-led play.

DRAMATIKA has five interconnected strands of activity:

1. LicketyLeap (the story of ‘Margaret and Margaret’): drama-led early intervention programme for 3-5s, their parents/carers and early years professionals delivered in nurseries and family centres, prioritising disadvantaged communities and working in partnership with local authorities and third sector organisations.

2. Porridge & Play: outdoor and indoor drama-led play and social sessions for 3-8s with their parents/carers led by actor-pedagogues. Includes take-home Play Card resources to support and encourage playing outside the sessions at home, school/nursery and in the community.

3. Children & Families Network: ongoing face-to-face, online and hardcopy communications, resources, events, opportunities and information for children, families and professionals who have engaged with Licketyspit’s work. Breaking down barriers to families’ participation in Scotland’s cultural offer.

4. LicketyKitchen: development of new theatre and drama-led work for early years children with our associate artists and continuing professional development (CPD) for children and family professionals.

5. Touring theatre productions: 7 original national touring theatre productions for 3-12s and adults which tour to theatres, communities, schools and nurseries. Includes with educational and family resources and opportunities for collaborative satellite events.

Licketyspit builds monitoring and evaluation into its activities, sharing its learning widely among practitioners and policymakers.


“It is always easy to be carried away by inspirational work with young children. It is necessary to take a long hard look in the cold light of day. Licketyspit has undertaken careful evaluation of the impact of its work, and what emerges is exciting… The work of Licketyspit is of a depth and caliber, which has the kind of quality which is rarely found. It now needs to become part of practice in every group setting working with children 3-7 years. The more parents and practitioners understand and act on the work of Licketyspit, the more young children will be given experiences which will serve them well for the rest of their lives.” (Professor Tina Bruce CBE, Froebel Trust, 2014)


Licketyspit is a Registered Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee

Charity No:  SC035154  Company No: SC262580




What I liked the most was the start when the Grannies are telling us their Grannies told them the story - it was amusing!Robbie
The show was great, very enjoyable and funny! My child was very interested! She sat through the whole show!Audience member. The LicketyTale of Molly Whuppie, December 2013
'Let's do it again!... We'll do the same as we did to get up the mountain, through the bog, Oogly Boogly Lady and Fishy Lady - Come on! Let's do it all over again!' LicketyLeap


Sing along with Margaret & Margaret